What can you do with Digital Sky?

This list grows continuously. Never Less, always More. Fly More!

Manage UAVs Listing

Connect to the authorities for which the regulations have been integrated. When regulations are integrated it means that the risk assessment for a drone flight has been intuitively integrated in the mission planning. But it also means that the consequences of that analysis have been integrated.

Country Regulations

Integrated Drone Rule Engine for any drone regulation , whether it is national, geographical, local or even your own company rules, into a super smooth intuitive workflow that makes it so easy to fly legal and safe in that country, city, region or area.

Full ADQ Maps

Up-to-date aeronautical charts that come straight from the source. We continuously update zone information so that all information to pilots and users is accurate.

Flight Planning

Create in-app flight plan with simple draw-n-define feature, verify zones and send to central Digital Sky server for automated approval.


For the flight location you get the actual weather situation for the present time and 4 hours ahead. You can also check aviation weather forecasts in the area of your planned flight.


Esstential notes for aviation personnel to know about important changes - activation of temporary restrictions, military activity, closure of air space etc.

Audit Log

Automated Logbook that logs - drones, pilot, geo codes, flight data on blockchain for audit & compliance.

Zone Information

Red, Yellow and Green Zone information in one place to help you identfying places and safe flight.

Zone Alerts

Real time zone alerts to ensure that you do not threspass resitricted zones or places, knowing or unknowingly during the flight.


A single platform for drone enthusiast to discuss new technologies and applications, ask questions, give answers & have fun.

Our Roadmap

Milestones to enable DigitalSky for everyone.